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Universitas Syiah Kuala

Syarifah Dewi Fatimah, THE APPLICATION OF INFORMATION GAP IN TEACHING SPEAKING FOR JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Banda Aceh Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan,2012

This study which used library research is intended to explore some given theories and/or research findings on the use of communicative language teaching type information gap technique in teaching speaking skill for junior high school students. speaking is an important skill because one of the keys in english communication is speaking ability. however, the students get some difficulties learning english especially in speaking skill. to solve the problem, the teacher should apply an appropriate technique to improve students' speaking skill. the method used is library research. the data were collected from various types of journals, magazines, books, articles, or materials which is accessed through library and internet that related to study. the collected data were read and depth then drawn inferences to interpret the result readings obtained are processed and described in a qualitative manner. in this paper the writer only concerns in classroom activities in term of information-gap ' activities. the study found that using information-gap activities cart create students' interaction with another student and teacher and to develop the students' speaking skills. the result of this study can be used as a treatment in learning speaking. this study is expected to be useful for other english teachers use information gap activity to enhance students' speaking performance.