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Cut Rahma Sasmita, THE USE OF SONGS IN TEACHING LISTENING FOR EFL YOUNG LEARNERS. Banda Aceh Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan,2014

Name : cut rahmasasmita student no. : 0906102050057 study program : english education title : the use of songs in teaching listening for efl young learners keywords: songs, listening, young learners. song is one of the effective ways to improve listening skill. songs has been successful in giving positive influence for teaching learning of listening, such as providing learners with motivation. the purpose of this study is that the writer wants to find out the successful criteria of using songs in teaching listening for young learners. the method used in this study is library research in which the writer collected the data or information from books, journals, articles, and so on. the data is taken from some given theories and research findings related to the use of songs in the process of teaching and learning listening skill. the result of this study reveals that there are three successful criteria of the use of song in teaching listening for young learners, namely the appropriate approach, the various activities, and the suitable songs. so the writer suggests for the teacher to use songs in teaching listening, because they are found to be successful in increasing listening skill of young learners. in conclusion, it is possible to say that songs are one of the most suitable materials to develop listening comprehension for young learners, because they bring about remarkable improvements in the academic skills of young learners, especially listening.