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Nurmaya sari, Teaching Speaking by Using Teams Games Tournaments for Junior High School Students. Banda Aceh Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan,2013

Abstract name : nurmaya sari student no : 0806102020008 study program : english education title : teaching speaking by using teams games tournaments for junior high school students this study is a library research. the reasons why teams games tournaments (tgt) may help speaking class because it contains activities involving the entire students without status difference, involving students’ character as tutor, and containing game elements. therefore, the objectives of this study are to describe how tgt can be used in speaking class to promote students chances to practice speaking and how it can help students to express their ideas. the discussion is focused on related theories about tgt in teaching speaking to solve these following problems: students have a little chance to practice speaking and are not able to express their ideas fluently. the data are taken from books, journals, articles, and internet to prove the topic. the results of this study are: 1) students lack of chances to practice speaking can be solved by using tgt. it is because in tgt, the students get adequate opportunities to speak as they involved in teams. 2) the students’ difficulty in expressing ideas also can be decreased. that is because by having tgt, students’ difficulty in pronouncing words and using grammar decreased, and students’ mastery of vocabulary may increase. it is recommended that teachers may implement tgt in speaking class.